About us


driuCTRIA is a regional-level agency, member of a nationwide network established by the decision of the government with the involvement of 6 public and semi-public partners in the region. Its core focus is to establish and maintain a network of services via the establishment and operation of a strong cooperation network with other service providers, universities and the business sector, as well as the general community through national and international partnerships.

It has a full staff of 4 experienced employees and 5 permanent external experts, who have been involved in a wide range of regional, national, and international projects. It also has a network of cooperating institutions and experts who can provide the special knowledge necessary to design and implement specific tasks. This strong regional, national, and international partnership and the portfolio of expertise enable the CTRIA to target different levels of the regional community and business sector.

CTRIA manages several projects concerning innovation practices, innovation management, knowledge transfer, service development, and innovation trainings, which involve national and international knowledge and innovation agents.

The Central Transdanubian Regional Innovation Agency aims at providing innovation and innovation support services in Central Transdanubian Region. Our services are primarily targeted at supporting small-and medium-size businesses, regional bridge-building and R&D organizations. The main activities of CTRIA are covering the following areas:



Development of technology transfer networks: participation in technology transfer networks and their development

International project development: development and management of international projects

R&D&I project development and project development: support and management of R&D&I and innovation related projects

Co-operation and development (Suppliers, capital markets, research and development): enhancement of regional, national and international cooperation, promoting the development of clusters, continuous networking. Organization and management of regional events.

Development of training: introducing new or existing methods by tenders, separate initiatives and models, organization of earning and training programmes for specific target groups.



Financial consultancy: funding guidance to domestic and international finance-related competitions

Competition resource planning: resource planning for competitions especially for SMEs


   Innovation management

Innovation strategy development, regional planning: participation in the preparation of the region’s innovation strategy, preparation of development concepts and programmes

Measurement of innovation activities: measurement of the performance of innovative activities implemented in Central Transdanubian Region.

Innovative project evaluation, impact assessment: evaluation of innovative projects and their impact assessment

Innovation promotion: popularization of innovation on regional and national level


   Enhancement of cooperation

Expert database design its implemented in conformity with national standards, with its use cooperation between the region’s small-and medium-sized enterprises and organizations, experts involves in innovation and partners matchmaking services become more efficient.

Promoting the participation in international and domestic networks. Facilitating the access to EU and domestic networks and supporting the participation following the entry.



Tender consultancy, project management applications for tender, tender advice for SMEs. Development and management of mainly innovative projects.

Protection of intellectual property rights and industrial property rights. Operative assistance to the acquisition procedures of certain patent forms and patents.

Providing professional guidance to regional innovation councils.