Our history

Learn about our history, our philosophy, our quality policy
and our main achievements.

What are we doing?

The activities of Central Transdanubian Regional Innovation Agency (KDRIÜ) are fairly diverse. We mostly write and win tenders, manage national and international innovative projects, implement and popularize them, do business consulting, encourage innovation, shape knowledge and deal with technology transfer, training and mentoring on a nonprofit basis.

How was the Agency established?

We were founded on 1 January 2005 as a consortium of eight nonprofit regional innovation bridging organizations and a higher education institution. Originally, we were organized for a three-year project in this form, where we played a key role in formulating the product and service offers of the institutional and technological support system "to be ready for the market". In addition, we continually assessed the innovativeness, needs and expectations of businesses in the region to which we have adapted our services.

In February 2008, based on the experiences of the first three years of the consortium's operation, six organizations founded the Central Transdanubian Regional Innovation Agency Non-profit Ltd.

Creatively, High-SpiriTedly, Resiliently, Intelligently, Customer-CAringly

Over fifteen years of operation, we have become key players in generating, coordinating regional innovation processes, organizing technology innovation networks, and providing innovation support services.

Today we offer cooperation for more than 200 Hungarian and 100 foreign partners - including international project developers, potential entrepreneurs, brainstorming companies, innovative companies (startup, beginner, operating) SMEs, offices, higher education and research institutes, and municipalities.

Our values

We do believe that if an individual develops, then his company will also develop. You will certainly never get from us two different answers to a question - we always say the same. We know the market, and market participants know us. It's best to ask our customers and partners about what we are - because we believe in the strength of reference. The most reliable information we think is always based on experience.

It's easier with us!

We would like to surpass other companies with our professional knowledge, flexibility, warranty, accuracy, successful projects and honesty. We consider social responsibility, trust, honesty and human-centred attitude to be important, we strive to provide professional, fast, complex service with mutual respect for our customers.

We are proud to be a diverse and family-friendly workplace and the many successful projects we have left behind to talk about us.

Where can you meet us?

In addition to our complete online presence (website, project websites, partner websites, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, Youtube, Skype), we participate at the events of our project partners, and we are a member of the 6C Cluster and the Hungarian Association for Innovation. You can send a message for us here!

Our quality policy

Our mission can be summarized as follows: CTRIA, is a dominant regional coordinating and bridging organization of national research and development and innovation policy in Central Transdanubia performing public functions as well. Within this function we contribute to the improvement of regional economic potentials - and hence to the domestic R & D & I activity - through performing innovation service tasks, providing value-added services and coordinating innovation networks.

We have been awarded by two types of internationally recognized certificates of excellence. One is the European Cluster Excellence Bronze Label, which we won in 2013. This is an international cluster management qualification, which, on the one hand, guarantees the operation of Vértes-Duna Vehicle Industry Cluster coordinated by us in line with the European standards, and on the other hand, provides a quality policy background for the company's regional network organization activities.

The other is the EFQM Committed to Excellence. This encourages us to continuously improve our operations and provide our services at a high standard.

We are striving for change, we are open to new ideas, we are approaching problems from several sides. Creativity in our work is manifested by combining our service elements to meet the ever-changing needs of our partners requiring individual interventions.

We do believe in the usefulness of lifelong learning, so continuous development in an organizational and individual approach is an important part of our activity. We are continuously developing our service palette to meet the needs of our clients and our staff always have or acquire the professional qualifications necessary to achieve this.

We are the only organization in the region to provide a service portfolio and network organization covering the entire innovation chain for facilitating the delivery of marketable ideas. Contact us with any company development or innovation ideas and we shall find the most optimal solution for you. It's easier with us!

Our results
in numbers:

1 +
New product or service
developed locally
1 +
Innovative project developed,
coordinated or mentored
100 +
Satisfied customers who have
used our services
Value of our projects developed,
coordinated or mentored
1 +
International R&D&I projects with our participation
100 +
Young idea owners supported by financial and professional
to gain experience abroad

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