Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs - European Entrepreneurship Exchange Program

The Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs is an opportunity for start-ups to work in EU Member States and learn from experienced entrepreneurs. Within the framework of the program, young entrepreneurs can travel for a period of 1-6 months to another EU country where the expertise of small and medium-sized enterprises provide help them in implementing their ideas.

A projekt új fordulója 2023. január 1-jével indul, várjuk a jelentkezőket!

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Phone number: +36209172741

What is the purpose of Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs Program?

The initiative encourages entrepreneurship and competitiveness, as well as the internationalization and growth of small and medium-sized enterprises starting and already established in the EU. The project promotes the transfer of know-how and the development of leadership skills for SME managers.

Who can participate in the program?

Beginner and experienced entrepreneurs. New entrepreneurs are serious about starting their own business, or have started it in the last three years. Experienced entrepreneurs are the owners / managers of small or medium-sized enterprises in the European Union.

What does Erasmus offer to young entrepreneurs?

The project will enable the exchange of experience between start-ups and experienced entrepreneurs, it will support the development of new trade relations and will facilitate the internationalization of start-ups.

  • Entrepreneurship exchange is realized with the assistance of intermediary organizations.
  • The project is implemented through the cooperation of 8 partners.

Let us see what are the main benefits of the Program for both parties!

Are you an experienced entrepreneur who is open to new ideas?

With the help of the program, a motivated new entrepreneur can enrich your business with new ideas and skills! You can get to know other European markets and build international relationships without having to move out of the office, and the person you receive will receive support, so you will not have any financial obligations.

  • International networking
  • Obtaining new knowledge from abroad
  • Innovative solutions for your business
  • Potential cooperation opportunity
  • Extending business activities abroad
Are you a purposeful young person thinking of launching your own business, but afraid to start?

This program is an EU-funded knowledge exchange program for young entrepreneurs. It provides an opportunity for the applicant to work with an experienced entrepreneur in another EU Member State and to develop the skills needed for the business.

Work experience with an experienced entrepreneur will help you to get answers to any questions about your business and at the same time you can prepare your own business for successful management.

  • International networking
  • Obtaining knowledge on new business methods
  • An outlook to the European market
  • A chance for possible co-operation
  • An opportunity to meet successful business people

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For further details and information, please contact Gabriella Baráth at or call +36 20 917 2741.

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