Innovation audit

What is the innovation audit?

During a consultation, we identify your business objectives and innovation potential. In practice, this means that our experts meet personally with the company's managers and representatives, and as a further output of the audit, an innovation action plan is drawn up, which can lead to the launch of development projects or the identification of a project suitable for obtaining funding.

Why us?

Unfortunately, a major problem for SMEs - and not only domestic SMEs - is that they lack the capacity and internal human resources with the right skills to identify and prepare innovative projects. That's where we come in, because our experts and consultants, trained in innovation audit and project development methodologies, can help businesses develop.

Why use the service?

An innovation audit is an effective tool to identify internal development needs and to plan the necessary activities accurately.

Read more about the steps of the audit and related project development here.

Az audit és az ehhez kapcsolódó projektfejlesztés lépéseiről részletesen itt olvashat. – click (.pdf)

The audit is carried out using pre-prepared worksheets, which make it much easier to organise knowledge. For information, a sample worksheet is available here. click (.pdf)

A sample confidentiality agreement for the service is available here. click (.pdf)

More informations

If you are interested in this business development opportunity, please contact Ákos Szépvölgyi, Phd Innovation Audit Consultant for more details.

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