The HIGHFIVE project has launched, and the Green and Digital transformation of the food processing industry is starting with its first Open Call

HIGHFIVE project has been launched to address the challenges faced by food-processing companies in today’s global value chains, including high international competitiveness, market and innovation barriers, and the urgent need for a quick digital and green transition. This project is an interregional innovation investment initiative aimed at supporting the European food-processing value chain and contributing to a more digital, sustainable, and resilient food-processing sector in Europe.

HIGHFIVE project has been designed to support food-processing companies to thrive in today’s challenging business environment. The project aims to provide the means and the tools (direct and indirect support actions) to SMEs to implement innovative digital solutions to become more efficient, more sustainable, increasing quality and stay competitive in the global value chains. The project is expected to enhance the digital and green growth of the food processing industry, leading to a more sustainable, resilient and profitable agri-food sector in Europe.

Through an Open Call scheme, eligible SMEs will receive a maximum of €60,000 as a lump sum contribution, with a 100% funding rate for a total project budget of maximum €120,000. The Open Call scheme is designed to support eligible activities that contribute to the further development and implementation of a tested digital solution, product, process, service, or technology (TRL >6) in a real environment.

“We are delighted to launch the HIGHFIVE project, which we believe will significantly contribute to the digital and green growth of the European agri-food sector. Through interregional investment and collaboration, we aim to empower SMEs in the food processing industry to implement innovative digital solution and overcome challenges such as limited access to capital, lack of technological infrastructure, regulatory complexities, competitive pressures and thrive in today’s business environment” – noticed project coordinator Veerle De Graef

The first call for proposals opens on June 15th, with a deadline of August 31st, 2023, at 17.00 CET. The budget for this call is €900k, with approximately 15 SMEs expected to be selected for funding. The project duration for each proposal is a maximum of 12 months.

Important requirement for the upcoming Open Call is that eligible SMEs are located in one of the following countries: Belgium (Flanders ,Wallonia regions) France (Bretagne, Occitanie, Nouvelle-Aquitaine, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes regions), Germany (Nordrhein-Westfalen region), Hungary (Közép-Magyarország, Dunántúl, Alföld és Észak regions), Lithuania, the Netherlands (Noord Brabant region), Slovenia, Finland (Länsii-Suomi region) or Spain (Galicia, Navarra regions). Further details regarding the region requirements will be available in the Terms and Conditions of the Open call. Join us in making a positive impact on the future of the European agri-food sector.

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