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How can we help you?

Our innovation agency supports the development of enterprises, startups, R&D, non-profit organizations, municipalities and institutions with the following services:


Let’s develop your enterprise together! We find the suitable strategy for your company and the necessary sources for it. Be it private or venture capital, writing application for calls, project management or own developments.


We help not just in ideation, but in the realization, too! Based on our broad professional experience and network we support the development of your enterprise with consultancy about intellectual rights, network development, finding partners, analysis and trainings.


Do you have one or more excellent ideas, invention or innovation? We find the market for you! We know what are the needs of the investors. Together with you we find the gap on the market, help to protect your intellectual rights and in the exploitation of your ideas.

Creativity for innovation

As a coordinator of regional innovation processes and an international intermediary for businesses in the region, our Agency has been providing services to organisations on the supply and demand side of innovation since 2005.

About Us

The activities of Central Transdanubian Regional Innovation Agency (CTRIA) are fairly diverse. We mostly write and win tenders, manage national and international innovative projects, implement and popularize them, do business consulting, encourage innovation, shape knowledge and deal with technology transfer, training and mentoring on a nonprofit basis.

Our history

Since 2005, we have provided innovation support services to more than 200 national and 100 foreign partners. It's easier with us! Get to know our company history!

Our team

We are dynamic and committed. As experts in several fields, we have two things in common: love for innovation and a proactive attitude.
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Find out what international and national projects we have been involved in before and what we are working on now.

National projects

We have participated and are still participating in TÁMOP, GINOP, Széchenyi 2020 and other national projects. Our national projects focus on supporting the organisational development of small and medium-sized enterprises, the dissemination of flexible employment and marketable dual training, and increasing the employment level in the region. We have also established the Central Transdanubian Regional Innovation Award.

International projects

Development of sustainable urban environment, development of the Danube Region Compass to address the problems of economic integration of foreign workers, AgriGo4Cities (Urban Agriculture for Urban Transformation), development policies for rural enterprises and innovative SMEs. In addition to these, we are working on several other projects to enable development in the Central Transdanubian region.

Industrial property protection information point

Learn all about what you need to do to protect the assets you have created!

The service provides information on the full range of industrial property protection forms for companies, institutions, organisations, entrepreneurs and all interested parties.

Your opinion matters!

Our customers come first, so it's important to us that we regularly assess our customers' satisfaction so that we can continually improve according to your needs.