Advice on industrial property rights

What is covered by industrial property protection?

In general, everyone knows that all intellectual works are protected by law - this is also enshrined in the Civil Code. The protection of intellectual property specifically covers patents, trademarks, designations of origin, origin marking and designs. Businesses implementing innovation often need to "trademark" an idea, project or development. If you find the legal language complicated and find it difficult to navigate the maze of bureaucracy, if it is not clear which form to submit and where to send it - you are in the right place. We can help you with any questions you may have at the information points at CTRIA headquarters.

What do we offer?

Together with the National Intellectual Property Office, our organisation has a special role to play in raising awareness and further increasing the knowledge of SMEs on IP protection, which is why we have set up information points at the CTRIA headquarters in our region. The service provides information on the full range of forms of industrial property protection for companies, institutions, organisations, entrepreneurs and all interested parties. The advice is provided twice a week, four hours a day, with the assistance of two staff members with intermediate industrial property qualifications.

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