HyPro4ST | Erasmus+

The tourism sector across Europe is undergoing profound changes as we live in an era of project, digital, creative, entrepreneurial and green economy, so a holistic approach to sustainable tourism development is key.

The HyPro4ST partnership aims to have a positive social and sustainable impact on the tourism sector. To this end, the partners involved in the project intend to develop a new job category for sustainable tourism sector "sustainable and hybrid project managers", who will acquire highly useful skills in sustainable, hybrid, digital, creative and entrepreneurial project management. The project also aims to enhance the skills of vocational and higher education teachers to adapt to the needs of the tourism labour market.

The project will develop a training programme that will be in line with the ECVET/EQF/EQAVET and micro-credit approaches. During the implementation period, 6 seminars, 6 online courses and 2 international training activities will be organised, developing the competences of 700 professionals.

Project ID: 01056300 – HyPro4ST – ERASMUS-EDU-2021-PI-ALLINNO

Project duration: 2022. július 1. – 2025. június 30.

Total project budget: 1.718.287,5 EUR

Project partners:

Diktyo Poleon Gia Ti Viosimi Anaptyxi Kai Kykliki Oikonomia – Greece

Razvojni Center Srca Slovenije Doo – Slovenia

Univerza V Ljubljani – Slovenia

Institut Za Poljoprivredu I Turizam Ustanova – Croatia

University Of Rijeka, Faculty Of Tourism And Hospitality Management – Croatia

Cesie – Italy

Corinthia Hotels Association – Greece

Olympiaki Epaideftiki Kai Symvouleftiki Epe – Greece

Research Innovation And Development Lab Private Company – Greece

Post-innovation For Sustainable Development – Greece

CTRIA - Central Transdanubian Regional Innovation Agency Nonprofit Ltd. - Hungary

Biosphere – Portugal

Universidade De Aveiro – Portugal

Confesercenti Provinciale Di Palermo – Italy

Minerva 90 Kft. – Hungary

Tüv Austria Servis D.o.o. – Slovenia

Official website of the programme: