Organizing the international mobility of young entrepreneurs


The Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs project offers an opportunity for start-ups (or prospective entrepreneurs) to work in European Union member states and learn from experienced entrepreneurs to acquire the skills needed to start and / or run a small European business. Within the framework of the program, young entrepreneurs travel to another EU country for a period of 1-6 months, where they receive support from skilled managers of small and medium-sized enterprises for implementing their ideas.

This initiative encourages entrepreneurial activity and increases competitiveness, and supports the internationalization and growth of small and medium-sized enterprises that are starting and already established in the EU. The project promotes the transfer of know-how and the development of leadership skills for SME managers.

Both sides win

This is indeed a collaboration between young entrepreneurs and international companies, in which both sides win. You can discover new European markets or business partners or different business practices during the six months you spend together.

In fact, in the long run, both sides will benefit from a wide range of networking opportunities and - not rarely - may even choose to continue their collaboration as long-term business partners.

We at CTRIA, besides start-up businesses, we also support experienced Hungarian companies to receive foreign start-ups, facilitating the strengthening of their international relations in this way.

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