Risk capital raising and fundraising

The formula is simple: capital, i.e. money is needed for growth, innovation and development. As a part of our services, we undertake the task of finding investors who see value in their business and imagined innovations. Risk and private equity investors can be found at every stage of a successful business life cycle, from start-up to buyout, if there is a potential for growth.

Management is important

Venture and private equity investors are looking for businesses that have research or innovation, or other business plans based on real-world above average growth potential. In addition, it is important that they have experienced management that can implement the business plan, ideally with people who have already managed successful businesses. In many cases, they are actually investing in “management”. We provide professional management to get the best investment opportunities for your business.

What do investors do?

In short, they give money for development to receive a certain share of the profits later.

But we can explain it to you very professionally as well: Hungarian venture and private equity investors, following international market practice, are foreign or domestic based venture capital funds operating in an institutional form. The investments of these funds are managed by domestic or foreign venture capital fund managers, who are involved in expanding the resources that can be used for the development of micro-regions and for improving the quality of available financial services. On profit interested basis, they - by sharing their capital resources - are engaged mainly in the establishment of micro-small and medium-sized enterprises, in the implementation of the development investments of micro- and medium-sized enterprises and in the reorganization of companies.

In connection with fundraising our Agency is looking forward to meeting SMEs, start-ups with innovative ideas being yet in the start-up phase, but would like to convert their ideas into a presentable concept for first round investors and business angels within a foreseeable future period.

In addition, that owing to our extensive international and domestic network of contacts, we can offer our help in mapping and finding the most appropriate channels for a successful follow-up, fundraising, we also strive to provide personalized support for creating a solid business concept. Thus, by the end of the acceleration process a business concept will be developed with the help of experienced mentors and professionals, as well as a detailed action plan for the 6 months following our collaboration.